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Various minerals

Franklinite and Willemite.Franklin, USA        Fluorescent under SW UV Light.

A very rich specimen of vivid green willemite on franklinite collected from the Trotter dumps at Franklin . New Jersey USA in the 1980's.


Shown under SW UV Light


Specimen size is. 75 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm.


Price £ 30.00. Postage to UK £4.50.


Contact:  info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Willemite and franklinite photographed under  short wave UV light.

Zoisite- Corundum var Ruby. Tanzania.

A pretty and unusual specimen from the Mandarara Mine in Tanzania.

Specimen size is 45 mm x 40 mm x 25 mm.


Price. 25.00. Postage UK £4.10. Wordwide POA.



Pyromorphite. Burgam Mine.

Pyromorphite collected in the 1970's.

Total coverage of fine crystals on the face of a white quartz matrix. 50 mm x 34 mm x 30 mm.


Price £ 25.00. Postage UK  £4.10.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk 




Pyromorphite. Wanlockhead. #2

Pyromorphite on both side of this specimen from the Bay Vein at Wanlockhead.

Specimen size: 60 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm.

Price: £ 28.00. Postage UK £4.00.



Native Copper and Calcite Crystals.From Quincy Mine, Houghton, Michigan,U.S.A.

Specimen size 90mm x 50mm x 50mm.

Price :£ 30:00. Postage UK £ 4.00. 

Contact. info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk


Reserved G P.

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