Mid Cornwall Minerals
 Mid Cornwall Minerals          

Various minerals

Wolfram and Scheelite.                                         Hingston Down Quarry, Cornwall. 

A large specimen, 115 mm x 45 mm x 20 mm showing a rich band of wolfram and scheelite through the quartz and mica matrix.

This photo shown under SW UV light on it's polished face.

Price £50.00 to include free tracked UK postage.


Contact:  info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Specimen under natural daylight.

Natural reverse face.

Wernerite and Diopside.                                       Grenville, Quebec Province, Canada. 

Wernerite and Diopside under long wave UV light, the yellow is much more vibrant under UV than shows here, the photo having been knocked back due to camera filtering.

Specimen size: 75 mm x 40 mm x 35 mm.

Price£ 38.00. Freepost to UK.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk


Lower picture in natural daylight.

Sodalite.  Bancroft. Canada.

A bright specimen showing pink and violet fluorescence under my cheap LW UV torch.

Speciman size is:95 mm x 60 mm x 38 mm.


Price: £ 38.00. freepost to UK.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk




Pyromorphite. Burgam Mine.

Pyromorphite collected in the 1970's.

Total coverage of fine crystals on the face of a white quartz matrix. 50 mm x 34 mm x 30 mm.


Price £ 28.00. Freepost to UK 


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk 




Pyromorphite. Wanlockhead. #2

Pyromorphite on both side of this specimen from the Bay Vein at Wanlockhead.

Specimen size: 60 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm.

Price: £ 30.00. Free post UK.



Native Copper and Calcite Crystals.From Quincy Mine, Houghton, Michigan,U.S.A.

Specimen size 90mm x 50mm x 50mm.

Price :£ 30:00. Freepost to UK.

Contact. info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk



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