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Cutting and polishing service.

We can cut, slab  and  polish  to your specifications.

We no longer cut and polish specimens larger than about 300 mm square but we still offer the high quality service for all hand size specimens as we have always done.

Small items can sometimes be sent by post or courier, local collectors are always welcome to deliver and collect but  we do not offer a while you wait service especially while high speed  machinery is running.

Prices from as little as £15.00 per item for hand size specimens.

E mail Peter for a competitive quote:  info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Our production machinery.

We are always being asked how we manage to produce such highly polished and flat specimens so we have added some pictures for interest.

This variable speed Engis 12" wet diamond flat lapper is the true workhorse of our operation, the various grades of diamond plates are held on to the master magnetic plate and are kept perfectly flat, small water jets around the hopper continuously feed water on to the diamond disc when working. High removal rates and the bonus of no contamination from the standard grit system is the reason for our preference for using this machine on specimens up to about 12". 

We also use two ocillating flat laps, the larger  one  is 36"diameter and was built here in the workshop, it is only used when specimens larger than 12" are required. The base plate was machined and ground from 1" thick manganese steel plate and is kept flat using the old engineering method of  three flat ground manganese steel plates about twice a year.


Nearly all the final polishing is done using the lighter lapper shown below and is kept strictly for this operation, experimentation with polishing pads over the years has found that a rubber backed industrial non slip waterproof carpet is perfect for the job and being of industrial quality lasts for years. The 8" bumper rings which stop specimens hitting each other are nothing more than slices of heavy duty pvc  pipe.

The saw we use has the capacity of accepting a 30" diameter diamond saw blade if required, it is water cooled and has variable speed automatic feed, it is shown here in the old mineral railway tunnel which runs under part of our property.

Large items such as this 6" thick tin stone are clamped directly to the timber faced bed, they are wedged and clamped using engineering type methods. Smaller items can be accomodated and clamped in a small three point vice if required.

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