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Tin Smelting from Cornish Cassiterite.

With help and encouragement  from a dedicated bunch of local Tin enthusiasts I decided to collect the black sands that are deposited in  our reservoir tank every year when  winter rains wash through the alluvial terrace above our property.

The sands were sorted, stamped, passed over a shaker table and eventually smelted when enough concentrate is available. All processing machinery had been built here in Cornwall in the engineering shop by myself, it's something I am quite proud of  and I used to sell the odd Cornish Tin ingot to help provide funds to put towards a hobby which can otherwise prove quite expensive .

After moving and downsizing I am now releasing all my remaining stock of ingots and associated mining ephemera.

Tinners Rabbits. Dartmoor Tin Ingot.

 Tinners Rabbits, three hares sharing three ears, a bit of an optical illusion and often called "Longyears" by the tinners, the mark although accepted by the ancient tinners has a much older origin lost in the mists of time. Examples are to be found not only in the roof bosse's of Dartmoor churches but as far afield as a stained glass window in Long Melfield, floor tiles in Chester Cathedral and Chinese legends. 


These are the last few remaining  ingots which were originally cast for a select group of Dartmoor Tin history enthusiasts, they were cast in 2022 from a mix of genuine Dartmoor stream and mine tin processed, smelted and cast at our old "Blowing House " just before we moved and downsized. They measure 75 mm diameter and the heavy weight makes them perfect for a paperweight or a unique display item.


Price: £105:00 to include tracked delivery to all UK .


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk   

The Great Seal of the Seneschal of the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Great Seal of the Seneschal of the Duchy of Cornwall for the Devon Stannaries.

This side reads:


(For stannary in the County of Devon)

In use between 1604 and 1694.


The Great Seal of the Seneschal of the Duchy of Cornwall for the Devon Stannaries.

The reverse side reads:


(Seal of the seneschal of the Duchy of Cornwall)

A view of my Californian type stamps  which were once hidden deep in the undergrowth, they ran with four 60 lb heads and had been in regular use for just over 12 years and worked very well. The cassiterite from this area is extremely fine and is possibly one of the reasons that the old men left so much behind, technology not being available to recover such fine material. I used a 400 micron screen on the bowl of the stamps and the primary concentrate settled on the higher levels of the tray below before being taken to the shaker table.

The stamps, shaker table and other equipment have  now been sold and continue to process cassiterite in there new Cornish Homes. 

Our home built shaker table worked very efficiently with the very fine cassiterite collected from this area.This picture shows the dark band of cassiterite travelling along the top of the table to its collecting tray while the lighter gangue and waste products are washed over the bottom of the table .

Each ingot was individually hand cast and unique with the tin metal  being traced back to the source on our property.

A small stock of ingots are still available. 


A few of our finished tin ingots taken underground and photographed in a local cornish tin mine.

A Tin Smelting Project.                                          Sold out until January 2021.

Our home produced Tin Smelting DVD was originally produced to add interest to local historical groups that I regularly give mining talks too. It gives a cradle to the grave explanation of the way we work, the machinery I have manufactured to speed up the process, the smelting method used through to the individual casting of  the true Cornish tin ingots I produce. Much of the content shows methods that were traditionally used by the old men and passed on to me by the few that are still alive.

The DVD will work on all Windows platforms and most modern DVD players. 


 Cost of the DVD including post, packing and insurance to all of the UK :  £ 15:00


Contact:  info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Our small pocket ingots which weigh on average 60 grams are individually hand cast in traditional sand moulds and produced from the same Cornish Tin as our larger ingots, they are attached to a small explanatory card and make a superb unique and  affordable gift.


Cost of the ingot including post, package and insurance to a of UK: £25:00


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk




A true Cornish ingot cast from Cassiterite  collected and smelted here on site in the Luxulyan Valley as part of my hobby.

They have been individually hand cast to my own pattern and measure approximately 340mm in length . These are the much larger ingots that were cast in 2010.

They are available for sale at a cost of £ 150:00 including postage and insurance to all UK mainland destinations.

I will accept paypal or cheque.

Overseas please ask for a postage quote.

Contact. info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk 

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