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Geological and Mineral Slice's.


This page is dedicated to the growing selection of polished slice's and cut sections we are producing,  some of which will be offered for sale,  much of the material is brought to us by geologists, mineralogists and sometimes by the general public who have come across an interesting rock in their travels. The cutting and polishing on the correct plane allows the normally hidden minerals within to become easily visible.

We also take on small one off commissions, sometimes a mixture of polished minerals and cast tin. The candlesticks in the header picture are such a project, all materials were sourced from within a mile of our home in  Luxulyan   

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Wood /Toads Eye Tin. Polished Slice.            New Fowey Consols, Lanlivery, Cornwall.

A polished slice showing rich wood/toads eye tin with associated bismuthenite and chalcopyrite in a white quartz matrix.

80 mm x 50 mm x 10 mm.


Price £30.00. Postage. UK £4.20.


Contact info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Breccia. Fox Tor Girt. Dartmoor. Devon. 

 A geological breccia specimen from an old Plymouth collection.

This is a very unusual and rare specimen in as much as it shows micro breccias of feldspar and quartz in rectangular form rimmed with fine  tourmaline and micro cassiterite, these again have flowed in to another brecciated quartz.

The specimen is  polished on one face and natural on the reverse.   Specimen size 130 mm x 115 x 30 mm.                                                                    

Price £ 50.00 Postage £4.10 UK.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Luxullianite, Luxulyan, Cornwall.

A very large slab of luxullianite that has been polished on both sides. The material was sourced with permission from the site of Treffrys cutting yard near lanescot over twenty years ago. 

Size is approximately 200 mm x 160 mm x 18 mm and weighs well over 1 Kg.

Price £45.00 . Postage Uk £4.10 







Chalcedony. Penhale Cliff. Cornwall.

One of the best specimens from this location that we have ever collected, a really special display piece.

Cut and polished on one face. 105 mm x 90 mm x 15 mm.


Price £ 30.00. Postage Uk £4.10.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk                 

Amethyst: Wheal Bellan. Cornwall.

A pretty specimen of banded amethyst in a hard white quartz matrix. The matrix has been cut and polished on one face only, the reverse has been left natural.

Specimen size: 130 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm.


Price £45.00. Postage£ 4.50


Cassiterite var Wood Tin.                          Wheal Margery Cove. Cornwall.

Cassiterite var Wood Tin.  A small but very rich specimen of wood tin collected from the shore below Wheal Margery.

Size is approximately 50 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm.

Price: £ 25.00. Postage UK £ 4.00.

Contact:  info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk



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