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Welcome to  Mid Cornwall Minerals.

This web site is designed to not only highlight my interest in the diverse mineral assemblage of Mid Cornwall but as a platform to advertise my surplus  Cornish Minerals from unusual locations at  attractive prices.

It seems that within the blink of an eye, sites that were once open and producing some stunning specimens have been obliterated beyond all recognition with new housing estates being built on them at an alarming rate.

Our services page  shows some of the engineering items we produce

 including the Cornwall Rock Trimmer which is proving popular with many local clubs and individual collectors.




Our old property  " Blowing House" was our home for over 25 years until we downsized in 2022, it was once the site of  a medieval tin smelting house. Pictures of some of the stone moulds and tools we  excavated are shown for your interest.


My tin smelting page explains a little of the methods we  once used use to reclaim, process and eventually smelt some of the cassiterite that had been left on the property by the old men.


Our Tin Smelting DVD which is for sale on our tin smelting page shows the method we use to recover and smelt cornish cassiterite and how we produce our tin ingots in true redneck fashion.


The unique tin ingots produced are occasionally for sale and can be found in the mineral sales page.

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