Mid Cornwall Minerals
Mid Cornwall Minerals                  

Various minerals

Ilmenite. Frontenac Co, Ontario.

A very rich hand size specimen of bladed Ilmenite in Quartz. Collected in the 1960,s from the Ore Chimney Mine by a mine geologist.

105 mm x 80 mm x 47 mm.

Price £ 45.00. Postage UK £4.00.




Mariposite. 16:1 Gold Mine.

Mariposite.16:1 Gold Mine. Alleghany. California.


Rich green ( K Mg Silicate) 60 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm.


Price £ 15.00. Postage UK £ 4.00.


Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk



Copper Nodule. Sudbury, Canada.

A stunning little copper nodule recovered from the separation trap of the Incos processing plant.

Pear shaped 22 mm diameter and 30 mm high.

Covered in natural copper crystals on the top half.

Price £ 25.00. Postage UK £4.00.


Pyromorphite. Wanlockhead. #2

Pyromorphite on both side of this specimen from the Bay Vein at Wanlockhead.

Specimen size: 60 mm x 45 mm x 30 mm.

Price: £ 28.00. Postage UK £4.00.



Wavellite. Pwll Du. Bishopston. Wales.

Radiating crystals of bright yellow /green  wavellite to 20mm on the chert breccia matrix.

The reverse has almost complete coverage of much finer  radiating wavellite.

Specimen size.80 mm x 50 mm x 35 mm.

Collected from the pebble beach at Pwll Du.

Price: £ 28.00.  Postage UK £ 4.00


A superb specimen of Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan.

Cut and polished on one side.

Specimen  120 mm x 50 mm x 26 mm at it's thickest section.

Price £ 35.00. Postage UK £ 4.00.

Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Smithsonite. Kelly Mine.                       New Mexico. USA


Smithsonite: Kelly Mine. Magdalano. New Mexico.USA

A superb blue botryoidal example.

Specimen size: 60 mm x 40 mm x 12 mm.

Price £25:00.

Postage Uk £4.00. World zone 1 £10.00 .

Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Topaz  Crystal. Thomas Range. USA.

Topaz crystal. Thomas range. Utah. USA.

A super example with a little matrix still attached at the base.

Specimen is 25 mm long and approximately 9 mm cross section.

Price £ 15.00.

Postage uk £4.00. World zone 1 £10.00

Aurichalcite. Ojuela. Mexico.

Aurichalcite. Ojuela. Mexico.

Specimen size: 85 mm x 60 mm x 35 mm.

Price £25:00.

Postage to all Uk £4.00. World zone 1 £10.00 .


Atacamite: From Rum Jungle, Australia.65mm x 50mm x 40mm.

Price: £15.00 .Postage UK £4.00.Rest of the world £10:00.

Contact. info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk 

Native Copper and Calcite Crystals.From Quincy Mine, Houghton, Michigan,U.S.A.

Specimen size 90mm x 50mm x 50mm.

Price :£ 30:00. Postage UK £ 4.00.Rest of the world £10:00 .

Contact. info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk

Close up showing the slight pinkish hue of the Calcite crystals and sharp Native Copper.

Baryte on Tetrahedrite, Bournonite and Sphalerite from Potosi Bolivia. 100mm x 60mm x 40mm.

Label from the Cornwall Geological Museum.

Price £ 20:00. Postage UK  £4:00 .Rest of the world £ 10:00. 

Contact: info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk


Close up of Baryte on Tetrahedrite,Bournonite and Sphalerite. Potosi Bolivia.

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