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The Cornwall Rock Trimmer  Mk 2.                  The new  2021 batch is now ready and  this will be the final batch to be manufactured due to workshop closure and retirement. A large stock of chisels will still be kept  back for all my loyal customers over the years.                                                             

The Cornwall rock trimmer is manufactured in our own workshop in Cornwall .

It has been designed around good engineering practice with high quality materials.

After searching for a decent rock trimmer at an affordable price here in the UK with little success, we decided to build our own, it was never designed to be used in place of a large sledge hammer but for the final precision trimming of those expensive specimens where good control and accurate trimming is required.

For your safety a polycarbonate gaurd has been fitted and must be used at all times.

It is a condition of sale that the purchaser has read  and understands that the gaurd will be used as shown it's lowered position.

The secret of a good trimmer is it's rigidity, a poorly designed trimmer made from pressed steel will of course work but it will allow stress to build until there comes a point when the built up energy is released like an arrow being released from a bow.

Our trimmer with its use of high tensile steel and fittings helps to reduce  this problem to a minimum and avoids the rock room being showered in debris.

Our new design  with it's parallel slide bar allows for precision alignment of the hardened and tempered carbon steel chisels, the design also allows for easy cleaning and none of the jam ups associated with the old sliding rod and bush design usually seen on other designs.

The trimmer will accomodate a specimen of up to 125mm wide between the upright pillars and a thickness of 55mm between the extended chisels.

The chisels are all precision machined and kept in stock at a cost of £15:00 per set, they are easily replacable if ever required by loosening the socket headed  screws with a 6mm allen key.


Top Tip.

The price of our trimmer delivered to all mainland UK areas is £170.

I will accept paypal or cheque. Collection and demonstration by appointment.

Contact : info@midcornwallminerals.co.uk 


A simple tip to keep the rock room clean is to place the trimmer in an old plastic sandwich box or similar before screwing down to the workbench.

The picture shows one of our own trimmers as fitted, it's also a good way to prevent any lost items especially when trimming micromount sized items, when finished pick out the big lumps by hand and clean up with the vacuum cleaner.

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